Tradizionale Ø93

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14 250,-
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The wood fired oven according to tradition.

Internal diameter: from 80cm (31.5in) up to 160cm (63in)
Weight: from 255kg (562.1lbs) up to 520kg (1146lbs)
Pizza capacity: from 3 up to 8

Included: Thermometer and Hinged door.

Optional: Vent Junction and Support Base


The wood fired oven Tradizionale is fantastic for all types of cooking. This pizza oven is available in six different sizes. Suitable for installation indoors or outdoors, this oven enables you to cook according to Italian tradition. The door is equipped with a thermometer so you always know the temperature of the cooking chamber. It also comes with a glass window to monitor the food being cooked.

Tradizionale brick oven is designed to be placed in the home or garden. Once installed, it can be customized. The oven is available in 6 sizes, and cooks up to 8 pizzas at a time and 16 kg of bread. The pyrometer and the door are included. Smoke connection and the respective support are available as optional.

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